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Porteix and his suitcase will beam you into a universe where it sways between brutalism and melody.
Influenced by masters like Surgeon, Oscar Mulero among others, and by his friends. 

He creates a new color in a new dimension with his live modular performance. 
But where does this stranger come from?
From the eclectic and hip world of skateboarding, in which he has been practicing for 15 years with the support of Supra Footwear. Through this topic he cultivated a personal universe of depths, structures, speeds and curves. His music accompanied the transformation of his personality and propels him in the Bordeaux music scene. 
Last June, he performed at BT 59 in Bordeaux alongside SNTS. 
His first EP is out now on FLASH Recordings.
It's up to you to discover an artist as sensitive as unexpected.

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